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31 National PropTech networks confirm their commitment & support

31 national PropTech networks join forces by signing the 'Confirmation of Commitment and Support'. The national PropTech networks confirm their commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, they express their support to share knowledge, experience and connections to inspire, develop and connect leaders around the world to create a future-proof environment for everyone.

We have ten years left to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are signed by 193 countries in 2015. The real estate industry has a huge impact on the liveability on present and future generations on our planet. In addition, the integration of technology in the real estate industry has grown strongly and technology holds the incredible potential to transform the world for the better. By unlocking global human potential and using technology as a lever, we are able to make a substantial contribution to these Global Goals and make a positive impact on the world.

We know that our purpose is ambitious. Driving long-term, sustainable change across our highly complex and interconnected world is not easy. We know that problems do not exist in isolation, and incremental change is no longer sufficient to fix the world’s most pressing challenges. Joining forces is essential (see Overview and Quotes below).

With this announcement, we call public organizations, (real estate, technology, VC) companies, and knowledge & education institutions to

  1. Take strategic actions to advance societal goals, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation;

  2. Reach out to the national PropTech networks or PropTech for Good to share your challenges/ problems you want to solve and/ or objectives you want to achieve;

  3. Fill in the form if your PropTech company can contribute to the SDGs;

  4. Schedule a call with Menno Lammers to discuss a partnership;

  5. Subscribe to the PropTech for Good newsletter to stay ahead of the PropTech for Good curve.

Guided by the Goals, it is now up to all of us to work together and use Property and Technology for Good. We are looking forward to uniting the world's leaders and innovators to accelerate the contribution to society's greatest challenges.

Menno Lammers

Founder / quartermaster

- - - - -

PropTech for Good (PTfG) is an international, cross-industry alliance. The leaders in the alliance – active in the built environment in the field of residential, commercial, industrial, retail, city – use technology as a lever to innovate and to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

PropTech for Good aims to mobilize a global movement with the purpose of improving the liveability of future generations. In our vision we are creating a future-proof environment for everyone. We are pioneers in creating future-proof environments and their value models - using globalisation and digitisation... It's not just about digital products/ services, it's about unlocking human potential to create regenerative, responsible, resilient environments. It’s our mission to inspire, develop and connect leaders. By empowering these leaders, they will experience the endless human possibility. That’s why we help them to build thought leadership, developing skills and a PTfG-mindset, and achieve organizational objectives.

Quotes from national PropTech networks

“The inevitable technology-driven convergence of real estate, experience economies and sustainability will be poised to transform the way we live and work in whole new ways. Not only will it uncover new revenue streams, it will reveal unprecedented opportunities for impact. PropTech Denmark back and supports the PropTech for Good movement, in the aspirations that it will accelerate these inevitabilities, and ensure its progression in ethical and sustainable way.” – Nadim Stub, PropTech Denmark

"The PropTech Association Australia is delighted to work with PropTech for Good to raise the conversation globally about the power of PropTech to solve the challenge of reducing the carbon load of our built environment while also creating healthier and more productive places to live, work and play. We also look forward to championing Australian innovation in these fields. " – Kylie Davis, PropTech Association Australia

“With the built environment accounting for 90% of the urban carbon emission, it is essential for the PropTech world to join the alliance, share our insights and technology to build a better place for our future. Asia PropTech is glad to be part of such meaningful initiative!” -Leo Lo, Asia PropTech

"We have already passed the deadline on the urgent task of incorporating sustainability into everything we do. It is not a nice to have, but an urgent necessity that will benefit us all as a global community, now and for future generations. The role of the built environment in this movement cannot be underestimated." – Sean Godoy, South Africa PropTech

“PropTech Russia is honoured to support the movement. Human-centric and digitally inclusive approach to technology is our guiding principle. Sustainability of business comes from prioritizing quality of life and values of the end customer. We all are in the business of serving other people.” – Ivan Nokhrin, PropTech Russia

"It's important for UKPA to make this commitment and back this initiative as we believe PropTech has the capability to provide benefits to wider society and impact the environment that we live and work in, and ultimately play a role in tackling the global challenges that impact us all. We have already seen this from the significant number of entries in our 'Tech for Good' category in this year's UK PropTech Awards and are keen to encourage this type of innovation." – Sammy Pahal, UK PropTech Association

“We believe there's no better time for the Real Estate industry to truly unite as not only our business cases and economy are on stake but also our Planet and people's lives and safety.” – Bartosz Dobrowolski, PropTech Foundation (Poland)


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