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PropTech for Good is Excited to Announce Our Redesigned Logo and Enhanced Mission!

Updated: Mar 22

We are thrilled to unveil our new logo and mission, our evolved identity. We step into the future with a logo and mission that reflect our dedication to pioneering sustainable urban landscapes. Our transformation is not just a change but a renewal of our vow to foster innovation and global regeneration.


Why Change?

Our journey began with a vision too vast for our old symbol. Established in April 2020, the PropTech for Good movement has always believed in leveraging real estate and technology for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) impact. But as we evolved, our mission grew beyond mere transformation to embodying regeneration itself – a leap from sustainable practices to nurturing life’s endless cycle.


The essence behind our logo:

Our new logo - a vibrant fusion of skyline and the Tree of Life, encircled globally - is more than an icon. It’s our pledge to the planet, to innovation, and to a regenerative tomorrow. With every line, curve, and colour, we narrate our commitment to a world were urban environments flourish in harmony with nature.

  • The Skyline: Rising boldly on the horizon, our skyline is not just an architectural marvel; it's a beacon of our unwavering dedication to the evolution and vibrancy of urban landscapes. It speaks of a future were cities pulse with life, harmoniously blending progress with regeneration.

  • The Tree of Life: At our core stands the Tree of Life, a timeless emblem of regeneration and interconnectedness. Its roots delve deep, and its branches soar high, reminding us of the endless cycle of renewal. Here, in its embrace, we find the unity of all beings—a testament to the resilient spirit of life that thrives in every corner of our planet.

  • The Circle: Encircling our vision is a global embrace, a perfect loop symbolizing unity and inclusivity. It represents our planet in its entirety—every ecosystem, community, and heart that beats within. This circle is a call to action for all of us, a reminder that together, we move as one collective force toward regeneration.

  • Bold and Green: Our colours speak of our essence—bold in our aspirations and green in our principles. They are the very embodiment of “Catalysing Places for Life,” a mission that colours every decision, every innovation, and every stride we take toward nurturing spaces where life, in all its forms, can flourish.

  • Integration of PropTech for Good: This is where our journey takes a transformative leap. We intertwine the pioneering spirit of PropTech for good with our foundational commitment to the good of all. It’s an invitation to unlock the symbiotic potential between nature and humanity, driving forward a movement powered by collaboration, innovation, and systemic value creation.

Join the movement:

As the spring unfurls, we extend an invitation not just to witness but to partake in this regenerative journey. Whether you’re an investor, designer, builder, or dreamer, your contribution is crucial. Let’s co-create environments that celebrate and nourish life itself. Contact us.


With a regenerative regard,

// PropTech for Good Team

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