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PropTech for Good Manifesto

PropTech for Good manifesto is a concise and point-by-point presentation of the starting points for our partnerships. The purpose of this manifesto is to implement and monitor an unambiguous starting point for the mutual cooperation between PropTechNL and its partners.

Society 5.0

The world is changing rapidly, and the economic, social, and ecological challenges are increasing. Urbanization, ageing, climate change is driving a new society. Accelerated technological innovation acts as a lever, with digital networks providing strong connections and interdependencies. We are now entering Society 5.0. A society where we are connecting the Sustainable Development Goals and emerging technologies. A human-centred society that balances economic progress with solving social problems through a system that highly integrates cyberspace and physical space.

The Built Environment

Real estate represents the largest group of assets in the world and therefore plays a major role with a great deal of impact, because all these developments mean that very different requirements are placed on the functions of our infrastructure and the spatial environment in which we work and live. The real estate industry thus largely determines how we are going to provide solutions to these challenges and how technology is used for this purpose. The result is that the world of robust bricks is increasingly connecting with the world of fast-moving bits.

The Impact of Technology

This connection ensures that real estate is on the eve of a new explosion of combinatorial innovations. Digital technologies - such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain - are changing the way we understand and use real estate. These changes affect human expectations, the product/ service portfolio, partnerships, and business models.

Leaders with a Mission

In order to facilitate these changes, we enable the most curious leaders from different industries to use technology as a lever and create lighthouses that contribute to solving social issues. We actively contribute to the development of future-proof environments as the basis for sustainable ecosystems where people live together in health, vitality, and prosperity, now and in the future. This movement requires a groundbreaking mentality.


Our statement of purpose

PropTech for Good (PTfG) aims to mobilize a global movement to improve the liveability of present and future generations. We are pioneers in creating future-proof environments and their value models – using globalization and digitization... It's not just about digital products/ services, it's about unlocking human potential to create regenerative, responsible, resilient environments. It’s our mission to inspire, develop, and connect leaders to build a PTfG-mindset, thought leadership, learning new skills, and achieve organizational objectives.



Our mindset

  • As a leader, I help others grow by sharing my knowledge and experience;

  • As a leader, I am present at events and participate actively;

  • As a leader, I contribute to a safe (learning) environment. I respect the opinion of the other participants and am open and honest;

  • As a leader, I prepare myself and propose a goal(s) for a maximum learning experience;

  • As a leader, I choose my own business challenge(s);




PropTech for Good alliance


© PropTech for Good | Dated April 22, 2020

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