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PropTech for Good is global partner van de Global Real Estate Run

We are proud to announce that PropTech for Good is a global partner of the Global Real Estate Run. On Friday 30 April 2021, the first edition of the Global Real Estate Run (GRER) will take place. Will you run with us?

Why is the Global Real Estate Run being organized? Sustainability is a global topic that affects us all. Over the last 80 years, our wealth has been created at the expense of the environment. This is a frightening situation that we can only tackle together. Accordingly, personal and local initiatives are needed, where each and every one of us can make a small contribution to a better future. We have to accelerate the change to reduce the environmental impact caused by the real estate industry, which is currently responsible for almost 40% of all CO2 emissions, faster and more efficiently.

No matter where we are in the world, we all have one thing in common. Real estate plays a major role in our everyday lives. We all work, live and reside in spaces that protect us from the vagaries of nature. Especially in times of pandemic, we spend more time in real estate than we would like. Reason enough to build our initiative on this common ground to support innovation in the real estate industry.

Good health and well-being are necessary for top performance in innovation and sustainability. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, mental and physical health is under pressure. We know that exercise - preferably in nature - contributes to improving our health and well-being. To contribute to the good health and well-being of the real estate sector, we encourage you to run for the future with us.

Run with us

Everyone can participate. After registering, every participant will receive a geo-tagged app. On 30 April, participants will run 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from home within 24 hours. Participants determine their own route adhering to the local Covid-19 regulations.

1. We encourage you to join us for this unique event. Please, sign up can sign up here.

2. Do you want to become a sponsor? Check out the handout and contact us directly to discuss the packages.

Prior to the event, we can publish content on sustainability, innovation and health. After the event, the GRER organization plants a tree for everyone who participates to create an additional positive footprint.

"We are proud that PropTech for Good is a global partner of the Global Real Estate Run. Their mission is in line with the GRER Why, which strengthens each other.” - Mario Facchinetti, initiator of the Global Real Estate Run

We hope to see you at this first edition of the Global Real Estate Run on April 30 by using the hashtag #Runforthefuture

- Menno Lammers


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