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Catalyzing Places for Life by Empowering the Global Real Estate Industry to Become a Force for Good

The PropTech for Good movement stands as a worldwide movement, bridging the collective efforts of real estate experts, innovators, tech pioneers, urban visionaries, and environmental enthusiasts. It is our mission to forge life-centric places by tapping into the wealth of human and natural capabilities, all while leveraging innovative breakthroughs.

Why the PropTech for Good Movement Matters

In this changing era, the real estate industry stands at a critical juncture, facing unprecedented societal challenges. Health & well-being, housing affordability, environmental degradation, rapid urbanization, and social inequities demand innovative solutions. At PropTech for Good, we believe that by harnessing the power of technology and real estate, we can create a positive and lasting impact on the world.

Oxygen Cities

How to Make your Mission Reality?

At PropTech for Good, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration to drive meaningful change. Our mission's success hinges on the collective efforts of industry leaders, tech innovators, investors, and advocates – individuals like you who share our passion for positive transformation.


To achieve our goals, PropTech for Good has cultivated a collaborative ecosystem that brings together diverse expertise. By joining forces and forging partnerships, we create a united front with amplified impact, effecting transformational change in the real estate landscape.


Through our collaborative approach and expert consultancy services, we empower stakeholders to embrace progressive technologies and sustainable practices. Our powerful alliance for change facilitates partnerships between leading real estate companies, startups, investors, and public organizations.


Together, we are shaping a sustainable and equitable future for the real estate industry and the world. Join us in making this mission a reality.

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Alliance of Change

Join our powerful alliance of industry pioneers, Tech startups, investors, and public organizations. Becoming a member gives you access to an extensive network of change-makers, innovators, and influencers. Together, we will co-create solutions that prioritize responsibility, resilience, and regeneration to shape the future of real estate for generations to come.


Consultancy for Progress

Our expert consultancy services are designed to guide real estate businesses toward responsible, resilient, and regenerative practice. We provide tailored strategies and solutions that not only enhance efficiency and profitability but also align with the broader goal of creating a positive societal impact.

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