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The PropTech for Good alliance is formed by a community of purpose-driven members, individuals, ambassadors, and industry partners from around the world. 

A changing era

Why and how?

Real estate plays an important role in tackling the world’s most pressing issues in a changing era. To do so, the real estate industry needs to become fit for purpose. At the moment, real estate companies lack the innovativeness to transform the industry to become a force for Good.


In this transition, the PropTech for Good alliance plays an important role. It's our mission to empower the real estate industry to transform into a force for good by unlocking human potential and adopting technology solutions globally.


How? We connect real estate stakeholders, unlock human potential, and embrace new solutions to drive the transformation of the real estate sector into a force for Good.

Green Buildings

Member benefits

Confetti at Night Concert

Gain global visibility

Reading a Compass

Receive ecosystem guidance


Build a thriving network


Highlight innovation and impact


Get sustainable knowledge

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Ecosystem & eBook

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