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Joining Forces for a Better Future: The Power of Collaboration in the Real Estate Industry

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Doing less bad is not enough - the real estate industry needs to move beyond sustainability! It needs a global force – a community that innovates and invests in shaping the built environment to become responsible, resilient, and regenerative - a community for good.

Trees do not grow to the sky, there are limits to growth. That’s life. We all know that. Unfortunately, in the business world a different adage prevails. The adage of unlimited economic growth. This growth has brought us prosperity, but it has been achieved in a degenerative way. A culture has emerged competition, fragmented approach, profit focus above everything, disconnection with nature and an exclusive workforce.

The real estate industry is facing growing societal challenges. Challenges that processes cannot solve with traditional thinking because they transcend industries and national borders. Challenges like carbon emissions, climate change, urbanization, education gap, unhealthy air, micro plastics, resources scarcity. Meanwhile, market demands change, new players enter the built environment and new laws & regulations are introduced. We try to solve symptoms and isolated parts with digital technology to cling the degenerative real estate culture. But doing less bad is not enough to create a future proof environment for everyone. The traditional real estate industry is losing fitness for purpose.

The world’s greatest societal challenges can be solved by businesses. The business community can live well by doing good, and this is what inspired the idea behind creating PropTech for Good Alliance. PropTech for Good empowers the global business community to take actions that are better for the world, good for business, and life-changing for people. It drives positive change and helps real estate companies to become fit for purpose.

PropTech for Good was joined by 40 regional proptech associations and partners with top event organisers all over the world. It is the place where CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and sustainability leaders from all around the world come together to forge meaningful collaborations, exchange knowledge and be inspired to create a responsible, resilient, and regenerative environment. More and more real estate and technology companies are joining the PropTech for Good alliance with a single aim to create a future-proof environment together.

The transition to a responsible, resilient, regenerative future is not about who has the most profitable business case. It’s about creating a future for current and future generations together. The real estate industry can move beyond sustainability. Let’s join forces. Let us increase our positive impact together as a community for Good.


Menno Lammers

You can find the original article in the Digital High Street eBook Series - 'Community' p.17-18

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